AI-Powered FAQ Tool for Your Phone Interactions

Automate offering is an AI-fueled tool designed to handle FAQs on calls. It swiftly analyzes the details of each call, providing concise bullet points, identifying next steps, and preparing a call guide for future conversations. What's more, it rates the call and offers coaching feedback, aiding the dealer in agent development.



The Intelligent Assistant for Your Phone Interactions

Revolutionize your dealership with Automate. AI-powered, it turns every call into actionable insights and opportunities to sell more cars.

What's it about? πŸ€”

Automate, powered by AI, is an advanced tool designed to handle and streamline your dealership's phone interactions. It's more than just a transcript service; it's an intelligent assistant helping you turn every call into a potential sale.

What's it do? 🧐

πŸ”Š High-Quality, Diarized Transcripts: Each call is accurately transcribed and neatly organized for easy reference.

πŸ’‘ Call Summaries: Get a quick, clear overview of each conversation without having to listen to entire calls.

πŸ“Œ Facts in Bullet Point Form: Essential details are extracted and provided in a bullet-point format for easy comprehension.

➑️ Next Steps Identification: Automate helps you identify what to do next with each lead, streamlining your follow-up process.

πŸ“ž Call Guides: Each subsequent interaction with the customer is made easier with a suggested guide for the call.

🎯 Agent Performance Grading and Coaching Feedback: Improve the skills of your sales team with objective, constructive feedback on each call.

Pricing πŸ’΅

Automate starts at less than $250/month, providing an affordable solution for dealerships looking to get more from their phone interactions. Automate can supplement or replace your existing call tracking solution, with fully featured unique local numbers, recording capability, and CRM integrations.

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