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All-encompassing Platform for the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Dominate simplifies dealership management: from first contact to ongoing customer communication. Enhances focus on sales with a full-service platform.

What's it about? πŸ€”

Dominate is a comprehensive, sales-manager backed platform designed to handle your entire customer lifecycle, from first contact to showroom floor and beyond. It's the ultimate tool for dealerships seeking to sell more cars.

What's it do? 🧐

🎯 Comprehensive Lead Handling: Manage all inbound leads and phone calls effectively.

πŸ’¬ Continued Customer Communication: Keep customers engaged with ongoing communication.

🏒 Full-Service BDC: Handle all your business needs with a fully equipped Business Development Center.

πŸ“ž Reception Services: Provide professional and prompt customer service.

🚦 Air-Traffic-Control Solution: Seamlessly manage all customer interactions, freeing your team to focus on closing sales.

Pricing πŸ’΅

Dominate is available starting at $3700, a comprehensive solution for dealerships committed to providing an exceptional customer journey and selling more cars.

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